So I know this is really far fetched and I’m not going into much detail but what if Jason is the one with a twin, in some ways I can make sense of it. Maybe that could possible explain why Mrs. D was on the phone frantic not wanting Ali to leave maybe he escaped from Radley it could explain why…


The eyes are the windows to the soul….


Did everyone notice how Bethany gauged Mrs. D’s eyes out just like A/Mona did to Ali’s eyes in the lair pictures? I couldn’t find a better picture but you know what I mean…could there be a link? The only eye connection I can think of is…Jenna. She can’t see. Mrs.D and Ali are blind without their eyes. 

Can anyone think of any other connections? We know Mona did that to Ali’s eyes in the lair pictures. Bethany did it to Ali’s mother. What is the connection? 




After you’ve read this, please check out PART 2!

I’ve been thinking, is it possible Toby’s mom was buried in Alison’s place? They’ve placed so much emphasis on her storyline. Here are the screen shots of the files Peter Hastings had on her in his briefcase.

As we all know by now, the…